Good News For Dog Lovers

Don’t miss out the mega event happening in the City Of Karachi only on February 28th, 2021 @4pm sharp.

Venue is mentioned in the image and for further details you can get in touch with Danish Azhar at the number mentioned or our FaceBook Page: @HenaBlogForPaws

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What Should I Name Her?

Hey there people, I am in need of some good names for this little girl who is not so little anymore.

She is around 1.5 year old and loves to talk!! Yes, she does.. she would keep meowing even before or after food, and would follow me in the car, or whether I am out in the garden… so help me out here for calling her a good name!

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Milo An Abandoned Pupper Finds A Forever Home

Where there are #people who would spend a lot of money in order to have the best #Breeds. There are a few amongst those people, who would love to #adopt an abandoned animal despite of knowing that the pupper faced some behavioural issues was kept at the Shelter. I am very glad to share with you all about Ali Arbab, who has adopted an #abandoned pupper #Milo from #ACF. And the reason that I am specifically sharing about him is because this boy lives in my neighbourhood and the best part is that he has #Milo.
It would really make a lot of positive change in our society, where children would be supported by their parents to adopt instead of buying a Pet. There are plenty of furry animals at the Shelter Homes, looking for a loving family, but no one tends to adopt them because they are in search of the perfect Breed that they have been wanting.
I always believe in the fact and I see it happening that Together we can and we will make a better society to help Animals live peacefully.
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