Which German Shepherd Do You Have?

It is pretty weird and strange at the same time when I see people bragging about their so-called knowledge regarding breeds of dogs. Since we live in a world where people have different set of opinions, views and approach towards aspects, it gets difficult at times to convey such dumb people with a bit of knowledge. At a certain point, I feel that I should remain quiet because some people dot deserve to be shared with that knowledge.

There was a recent meet-up of Dog owners and we were able to discuss about the breed. Below is the image attached for you all to find out which one do you own. It’s never too late to gain knowledge and learn about your Dog.

At least, it is better than knowing nothing about the magnificent breed you have!

Sorry to say, people are only aware of specific breeds in Dogs, just because they don’t know about any other breed it doesn’t means that the breed you own has no value!

So don’t feel shy if you don’t own a Shepherd! There are beautiful breeds out there and all the breeds are best in their own nature!


It’s Not Weekend Yet-Sigh!

Hello everyone, hoping you all are doing great and all set to start off your day with high hopes!

To give you a jump start let’s show you something.

We all know that it’s not a weekend yet and you still have a day to go! But never the less, we are here to spread a smile on your all faces!

Stay blessed everyone and keep reading Hena’s Blog For Paws!

Kittens And Puppies Introduced For The First Time

How many of you have left your puppies and kittens together for the first time without formally introducing them?

As we all know- every animal has it’s own likes and dislikes and we won’t really know how would they react. But here we have an interesting video that we feel like sharing with you all.


Watch the video below and leave a comment below

Adopt And Don’t Shop!

Over 6 million cats and dogs in a year are abandoned, left on the streets to die. Eventually later are handed over to shelter homes by some kind people. Why to buy a pet when you can easily adopt from the shelter home!

Love and affection is something that you can find in these beautiful rescue dogs too. Why not help them and give them a forever home instead of buying a specific breed for a hefty amount. There are few people who have reached out to me and want to share their views regarding how a rescue pup changed their lives! Seriously people, stop this breed race- it’s nothing except of costing you an arm and leg. Every soul has a different characteristic and their love is purely unconditional. These beauties only demand love and affection. Just imagine, the poor dogs and cats who are left behind by their owners start trusting their new Humans.

Every single soul on this land deserves to live with dignity. We need to stand up and come forward to help these poor souls and give them a forever home!

P.S. Shelter Homes if once filled then they rescue the new animals and send the previous poor unadopted animals to Kill Shelter. Hope you all know, nobody wishes to die and unwanted death.

Save a life-save a soul

Once Again-Miseries Of Street Dogs On The Rise

A recent footage of a girl being bit by a street dog has created a chaos in the city. Due to the rise of street dogs population, the higher authorities are advised to take action regarding the multiple incidents that have been taking place.

Once again the poor souls who are not being treated shall have to give away their lives. When there is a process, a treatment then why aren’t the authorities getting in touch with those welfares and NGOs who are actually creating awareness of Spay, Neuter, Release. This process hardly takes any time and in this manner, many street dogs shall be saved and won’t have to end their lives. The problem in our society is, according to uneducated people and some sick minded people, Dogs are actually a menace for the society and they should have been killed no matter what as they bring no benefit to the ManKind. Also- these sick minded people are the ones, who end up torturing the dog and then later killing it brutally.

My question to the masses is, who has given them the right to kill a living being? They should understand the fact that life has been given to us by our Lord and these sick humans have no right to take anyone’s life just because “dogs are not of any benefit”.

How sick it is!

Alert For Heat Wave!

It is therefore requested to all of you to please place a clean water bowl in your Varenda, Patio, Garden or whatever outer place you’ve got so that the Animals can drink water. If we can feel hot so can they and the risk of having a heat stroke is for all the Mankind.

If you have an indoor pet then make sure to that your pet either has a cooling pad or a cool place where he can sit. Similarly goes for the cat. During the heat, plenty of animals do a lot of panting as for grasping air and as they are feeling damn hot. Please note that not all panting involves around regular breathing, you can read our previous post on Summers and their effects. Even birds as they fly at a higher altitude, the wind blows tends to get cooler but with the passage of temperature and latitude the wind blows gets warmer and warmer as the birds fly a bit low.

Kindly be kind to the animals and remember them in your daily routine. They might not be able to speak but they do say a little prayer for every kindness you offer.

Read more on Summers Are Approaching With A Bang!

There Is No Me-Time When Pets Are Around!

One of the images that we found has been circulating on the social media which has created plenty of memes and jokes!

This is a fact that once you have a pet then forget your me-time as wherever you go they would follow you, finding out what there Human is upto. Lol! Hilarious right, but yeah, looking at the image below relates so well to all our pet parents.

I have seen people dealing with a similiar incident lol- I am sure many of you would have too! Lol

Welcome to the PetLand 😂