Christmas Gift Anyone?

Finally Christmas is coming! So many celebration invites have already started pouring in. How do you plan to celebrate it?

One of my friend came up with an idea of how she would be planning her Christmas party at her place and I didn’t believe my ears, when I heard her saying that ‘she would be celebrating the occasion with the animals at the shelter’! I was left ecstatic. For a moment I was like- she is not fond of animals that much, as in, she is scared of a Cat! So a dog is a BIG NO for her.. then, this statement of hers is just so amazing. I really love the fact that at least someone made an effort to think about the Animals happiness too, they also have feelings , emotions and sentiments. One should always think out of the box! The breaking of stereotype is very important!

When pet owners can celebrate their pets birthdays then why not celebrate the event with them at the Shelter Home!! I can’t wait to visit the shelter home with my friend and make all the animals happy but letting them enjoy their favorite toy and meals.

Christmas is all about spreading happiness and the more joy we bring in any living being lives, our Lord shall bless us with more blessings!!

Spread love and remember pets are family and not a toy to be gifted on a Christmas.


Do We Really Need Fur?

Do you know what is fur? It is a thick layer of skin which covers the skin of many animals. Basically, it’s their hair that keeps the moisture and the underfur acts as an insulating blanket that keeps the animal warm.

So, do you exactly feel the need of wearing a Fur? Have any idea how does an animal feels once the fur is being ripped off their body? I mean, think of it. Every day I come across such a post where the discussion is about animals fur.

But also I am glad to share the Companies who have banned fur, amongst the big labels are Michael Kors, Versace, Gucci, Gap, Lacoste, Bebe, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Burberry and more.

Winters have arrived and we need to stop buying Fur. It does not belongs to us- it belongs to Animals. It is better to feel cold instead of murdering the poor animal by buying the fur!

Live And Let Live

Good morning people!

Like I said, everyday is a new day and every minute of our life there is an untold story. Today, I am here to share a very disturbing news with you all and it is about a poor innocent Cat whose life was taken brutally.

The image attached itself is of a 13-year old boy who ripped of a cat’s head for his amusement. Does it makes sense to you all? How can a person hurt an animal just for the sake of self satisfaction and posing for the camera? It gives me shrills when I hear about an animal being hurt or tortured. I just can’t stand the imagination the poor animal must have gone through- how can we Humans be so cruel.

How far and how much can we educate the parents of teaching their child on how to respond or adapt a behavior which should not be a source of aggression. It is very important to make sure that your child is going in the same direction as your teachings- it is a Must! Please keep an eye on your children’s actions, you should know what your child is thinking or what he likes to do as in activity- it is mandatory that you as a Parent sit and discuss the daily school routine and find out any misconduct which can be threatening for his behavior.

I now believe the fact that Humans are the worst enemies of any living being!

When Will They Blame The Humans?

What a beautiful quote I read somewhere and felt the need to share with my followers.

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. Martin Buber

All the pet owners can relate to this quote as we witness this daily. It is not necessary to under estimate our furry friends just because they cant speak like us. But on the other hand, they are very well conversant with the gestures and actions they make to communicate with their humans. A person when keeps a pet, gradually he tends to learn the way how to communicate with their pets as the language isn’t a barrier anymore. If our Lord has bestowed us with senses then these animals are also given the art of understanding, communicating in any language on this earth. They are too good with sign language as well. I am sure all the pet owners know about this.

It is just how we treat them. All they need is affection, love and care. But sadly, we often tend to leave them, abandon them or even make a target to our frustrations, even then these beautiful pets don’t harm us. What do you think, they can’t? No! They can’t even think of betraying their human because they know what is loyalty, sincerity and love! Our behavior towards beautiful animals, need to change- we need to change ourselves, our thinking and our approach. They are animals and not a source of entertainment or a toy to play with. They have feelings and a heart- above all, beautification of Nature.

If we can’t take care of them- then we don’t deserve them either! Instead of blaming the animals of their approach to us, it is time for us to think “We own the blame”! The day we begin to care for animals, this world will be a better place to live!

Think about it

Sunday Is Funday!!!

Good Morning People!!

Have you ever heard or witnessed your pet clicking a picture? Yes! You heard me right, I witnessed my adorable cat clicking his picture on my cell phone!! Though my cat has learned to operate a cell phone (somehow), but I wasn’t expecting that the picture would turn out good only if the flash wasn’t there 🙂

So the picture’s courtesy is of my Tiger the rescued Cat 🙂

Let me tell you, my cat loves to eat my dog’s food, he loves the whole bag of his food, that he would actually hug the packet and would never want to miss a sight- above all, loves to guard me as if he is marking his territorial on me! He gets offended if he doesn’t sees me for an hour or so!

The qualities are so of a dog- don’t you think so!

Live And Let Live

Every day is a challenge for me! With each passing second, there is a news feed running on the screen of my phone regarding the happenings around the globe. Just when I get happy, the next moment a sad news update pops up my screen.

Why people don’t realize that Animals are a blessing for our society. We need to take care of them just the way we care for our own children. If we have opt for keeping a pet then it means, we have agreed to take care of the pet till the end of time. Weather is changing, we don’t realize that animals also feel cold and hot. They also fell ill, they also have emotional breakdowns. Above all, they have a heart! A heart that purely beats for the one who takes care and showers them with love and affection. Ever wondered why it is easy to lure a dog with food? Not because you’re giving something to eat but because, it is the soothing voice of the Human that is basically the source of motivation to make that dog eat food. They understand our mood swings, tone frequencies, our actions and everything. We often take them for granted and often think they they won’t understand anything. So what if they don’t have words or talk like us- they have expressions and they express well.

These expressions can only be understood and felt by the person who loves animals. Every animal on this land has expression and Lord has given the right even to the Animals, to defend themselves from predator and those who try to hurt them. Humans are a form of evil. Yes! Don’t be shaken by my word but I actually feel it. It is because, we just buy and sell animals, smuggle wildlife animals to different countries without realizing the trauma being caused on the poor soul.

Before I end, I would only like to plead that please-take care of your pets. They are not to be played and left alone at the end of the day!