Sunday Post: Can You Spot The Cat?

Alright so here we are again! There is a cat in the image above.

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Teach Your Children The Right Behaviour To Opt When With Dogs

Ruby The Doggo

It is important to teach your children the right manner they are to opt when with pets. Animals are unpredictable therefore it is requested to all the new pet parents to learn some knowledge before having any pet. The characteristics, breed, size everything matters when you plan to have a dog. A dog no doubt is a man’s best friend, but it is considered and hence proven that Animals tend to defend themselves and in return they might retaliate if they feel they are being attacked by the Humans.

The image shared above is a basic knowledge that is needed to be shared with most of the people around us who think this is cute. We often take the animals for granted and treat them the way we feel like without realising that any certain action of ours can be dislikes by them but just because they take our orders strictly, they obey us. So it is our responsibility to be attentive while we take our dogs to walks or leave them around children. At times, what we see is not true. Children don’t know about their actions if they aren’t told what’s wrong and what’s right.

A request to all to please keep a close check on your children as they are in need of someone to monitor them unlike pet dogs.

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A Big Thank You To All My Readers

Over the span of a year, I have received so much of love and affection from everyone across the globe. It is such an overwhelming experience for me that I want to thank all of you, the whole family of WordPress for supporting me and my cause. It has been a wonderful journey and once again I just want to thank all of you!!

Keep supporting and keep writing and the best thing is, WordPress brings everyone on this platform without discriminating the views, perceptions and opinions irrespective to caste, sex, religion.

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Famous Vet Clears All Misconceptions About Pets And Covid-19

There has been hype about if the PETS can be transmitted to this illness or can they be a carrier to it. To remove all the doubts and chaos, famous Vet Dr. Isma Gheewala has stepped forward to clear all the misconceptions and doubts about Pets can be a carrier to Covid -19.

Click here

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