Saturday Post: Teene Tiny Looney Toones

It’s the weekend already! I do have stuff going on around and yet I have to decide what to wear at the dinner tonite, but like as I turn around- I see my tiny toones sleeping and snoring as the time ticks 1pm.

That’s her favourite spot on the bed. Yeah, can’t complain as she has conquered my bed and stolen my heart by all means❤️Cats are surely adorable!


Coming Soon…

This is something that I am working on, it is about how to reach what I have thought for Animals and their well-being.

Start pouring in your guesses, what is it that am upto! The correct answer chosen will be posted on our social media platforms. If you are the ONE, then you and your answer would be featured as Exclusive Winner on our Instagram and Facebook Story.

Is Your Pet Sick? This Is What You Do Next!

The moment you realise that your pet is not well what do you do?

1- Ignore and go on with your work;

2- Examine?

3- Call a vet?

4- Act concerned?

If we gather all points together, it is very important to keep a close eye on your pet if you find out that your pet is not well and since how many days. It is advised to monitor closely, because the health of our pets is very unpredictable. Their condition from good to bad can change in seconds. According to our sources, it is said that instead of rushing to the treatment it is important to first call your Vet and describe the current situation of your pet.

Therefore, please do not apply self medication methods on your pets. It is equally important as a pet parent to take care of your pet just as a child.

Monsoon Rain Spell Once Again!

Since the monsoon spell has taken over the Metropolis, a lot miseries have been faced by the poor animals. The worst part is when the people start talking ill about those who are actually going to help the poor animals on the streets.

There are many people who are good at babbling, suggesting while seated in their comfort home, while we are out in field rescuing the furry friends. A suggestion to all of those sitting back in their homes, taking the social media for granted can lead you no where until you have the guts of doing the field work like us. Also, urging volunteers to back off isn’t really a good idea because humanity is to do good for someone in need. A request to all those maniacs, to please stay quiet if you cannot do something yourself. Not everyone is like you, who doesn’t care for animals in need!