U.S Trophy Hunter Pays $100,000/- To Kill Rare Goat In Pakistan!

John Amistoso, 64 years of age, travelled to Pakistan last week to hunt ‘Markhor‘ a National Animal of Pakistan for the fourth time!

Mr. Amistoso with the hunt of Markhor in Kashmir 2013

Mr. Amistoso owns 11 Freds Appliance Inc. stores in Washington State, has thought to kill the beautiful National Animal last week in Bunji Area of northern Pakistan. He was given the license to kill by the Pakistani Officials who gave permit to hunters to gun down the Markhors.

These animals are an asset to our Country. I belong to this Country and felt the need of raising my voice for such an act. It gives me such pain that we hire International hunters for killing the defenseless animals for the sake of our own benefit? How shameful it is to even think about it. This news has shook me badly and has made me feel so disgusted!

Just years ago, I learned about the Asset of our country, Markhor. Majority of the people of our country don’t know about it and those who know will end it before anyone else gets to find out, what Markhor was!

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Are You Entertained Enough?

Yes, I am asking this question to everyone, who are fond of being entertained by various things, and to amuse them, Animals are always targeted.

Do you really think, that the poor animals are brought on this land just to amuse us? I wasn’t too much involved in animals until my parents got me a puppy when I was 15. It was that time, when I made a promise to myself and my pet that, no matter whatever happens, I will always vouch for Animals, not because I was given a pet, but because my parents got a puppy from a foster home and they told my parents that the pup had gone through a tough life. This story really teared me apart as a Kid, I made a promise to myself that I would do anything to save animals from their miseries.

After two decades, I feel so proud of myself that the promise I had made to myself, I have literally come up with it. It is a mission accomplished for me.

I would only urge people to come forward and help the poor animals who are either forced to live in Zoos or made to perform in Circus. It is our responsibility to take up the vision of making our society better and it can only happen if, we take up the matter seriously!

-Think twice before adopting a pet-

The Mystery Blogger Award

This is my 4th Award, but first for this Category The Mystery Blogger Award. I am very much honored to be awarded with this title, as I feel overwhelmed with the fact, that my blog is being read and is gaining audience. I am thankful to Sumaiyah Ali. Everyone should head out to her blog as you would explore her writing skills and enthusiasm in her each and every post.


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8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with 1 wierd or funny question (specify).

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The questions that Sumaiyah Ali has asked me are as follows:

1) If a King puts many precious things in front of you (money, land, diamonds, a ranking position); and asks you to choose 1. What would you choose?

Ans) I would go for Land. As a land is an asset and it would be useful for me in either to built my home, or a shelter place for my animals or even to just keep it for my better life after retirement.

2) How can we change ourselves to contribute to a better world?

Ans) I believe, we need to stop looking down on others. We should pay attention to our actions, rather than pointing fingers on others and counting their mistakes. It takes a second to win a heart of a person by just a sweet gesture, and here we are only pulling each other’s leg and not letting other to succeed. It is time, that we should focus on our goals and achievements, make a better place for ourselves to breathe and a society where other living beings can live at peace.

3) What in your opinion is the purpose of your life?

Ans) As the time passed by, I always use to think to myself the purpose of my life. With the passage of time, I realized that my Lord has bestowed me with care, love and affection. That love, which I feel for animals. The purpose of my life hit me, when I rescued a cat and that cat became my life. It taught me, what a better human being I can be. The moment my stray cat came to me and pet me, that very moment of my life showed me ”my purpose of life’

4) If you could be a fictional character; what would you like to be. And why?

Ans) Wonder Woman 😊why? Because, I wish to have all the powers and use it for the betterment of our society. Currently, people with excessive powers are only demeaning, hurting and causing trouble for those less privileged. I wish to have power, to help those in dire need. Who are suffering far more than us.

5) If you had 1 super power; what would it be? (wierd)

Ans) Animal Savior☺️ Ummm, yeah! I would love to have a super power which can help all the animals come out of their miseries and turn their lives into a happy living.

3 Things About Myself:

1) A fun loving person, who loves nature and everything that nature has bestowed upon me

2) A kind hearted person, who feels for elders, homeless, animals facing miseries and all those who are deprived of better living

3) I would rather sit alone and enjoy my cup of coffee rather than to sit with a bunch of people who brag about themselves and look down to others. In other words, I don’t like hypocrite people with dual personalities.

I Nominate:

1. Lucid Being

2. Lebanagr

3. Community Nap

4. Beans and Burpees

5. Fariha Abrar

6. Hannah’s Bookshelf

7. World in Words by Areesha Abid

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10. Drink the Happy Coffee

Wishing all the nominations, a very best of luck! Keep writing and accepting the awards. May we all rise and shine this year and the years to come. Amen!


Strays Are Dangerous!

It is often said that ‘Stray animals are dangerous and disgusting thing that could ever be witnessed by one’s naked eye’. Really?

I am astonished by people’s weird attitude and approach towards the homeless animals. It isn’t there fault if they attack the passerby’s, the bikers, it is just that they have been through worse, that they fear from Humans and their touch. To be honest, Humans are the horrible monster of the society- who is ultimate responsible for the destruction of the existence of the nature as well as for creating misunderstanding between oneself and above all, crossing the humane ability and turning into a venomous being. It was just yesterday, when a reknowned beautician came across a sudden incident. (Not to forget, he got bitten and attacked by the strays), as an unbiased viewer, I believe, those strays didn’t do anything deliberately, if they attacked, that could be for multiple reasons, as in:

  1. May be they are often hit and run;
  2. May be, the bikers bother them;
  3. There is always an equal and a opposite reaction.

We should not always jump up to conclusions. The trauma the beautician went through and is currently under bed rest, have been a recent victim. But, it is to be concerned, that the strays were protecting themselves and are not harmful to the society by any means.

We should watch our actions and should give space to every living being, to live their life the way they want to. Animals are living beings and deserve the love and affection by all of us. They have the equal right on this land just like we Humans do!

Give love, respect and hate none- make this land a better place to live

Happy New Year 2019!

The new year has just begun and we the team of Hena’s Blog For Paws wishes the entire team and the readers a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!

This year we will discuss the past year achievements and the on-going discussions with the authorized welfares and departments regarding the development for the Animals facing miseries. It is the act of kindness that we do, it is something that it comes from within. Kindness cannot be bought neither be taught, even the little tiny living beings can make us learn a lesson for life. For eg, rabbit and a turtle race- we get to learn that slow as steady wins the race. It is not necessary to be quick and upbeat all the time, it is about being alert and quirky and doing the right act at the right time.

Good things come in small packages☺️That’s very true and we believe in it.

So here’s wishing you all once again- A Very Happy New Blessed Year 2019!

A Very Happy New Year 2019!!

Wishing everyone a prosperous Happy New Year 2019!!

This is that time of the year where everybody on this globe, celebrate it with their families and friends and that too means that our furry friends are not left behind!

Just to keep it in your mind, kindly don’t take your pets along with you to the places where there is loud music and/or happening of fireworks. This can make your evening a bit difficult but worth a thousand days. It is also important to understand that Animals, are not like Humans. If they could understand then probably wouldn’t act horrific or scared at such events, but because their nervous system gets badly affected, they get traumatized and act weird during the fireworks. It is our duty to make sure that our pets feel safe at home and is present with their own human.

It’s okay to celebrate but also keep in mind that they (Animals) get badly affected.

Have a Happy New Year 2019!

Second Time Sunshine Blogger Award

This is my second nomination of The Sunshine Blogger Award by Sumayya Ali. I feel so excited and happy for being nominated for this specific award for the second time. Thank you Sumayya once again. I really want all my followers to head out to her blog and read her articles as they are so interesting that you would feel like exploring more of her write-up. Her articles are close to heart and based on reality. So head out to http://sumaiyahsuniverse.wordpress.com


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Questions That I Was Asked By Sumayya Ali:

1. If not a blogger then you would have been?

Ans: I would have been an Anchor. Why? Because I love to talk about anything that is happening around us and in our society

2. How to stop violence against women?

Ans: It’s time for Women to speak up about their respect and rights. We as a nation can only succeed when the people of our society start understanding the factor that causes miserable upbringing of the children. Mothers are the ones, who need to understand that the upbringing is a vital factor of every household, may it be a boy or a girl, may they be poor or rich- respect can be given and taught, and that can only happen when a child grows in such an environment where he can see how much respect his mother has been given from his father.

3. Do you consider yourself modern or traditional?

Ans: I am a blend of both. Being modern is not about showing skin, and being traditional is not about being cladded in yards of cloth. Lol

4. How to fight the issue of global warming?

Ans: Yes! Good question. But the point is, it’s the planet which is being badly affected by the global warming and the ones who caused such misery, are happy in their homes! We need to join hands and start working on it together rather than picking a finger on another! We should start talking about it with our friends and family and directly get in touch with the personnel, to bring new laws that limits carbon emissions and require polluters to pay for the emissions they produce.

5. Fast food or eating at home?

Ans: Ummm… eating out☺️

6. What’s your most comfortable dressing style?

Ans: My most comfortable dressing style is Kurti and tights (all seasons)

7. Can you compromise on your passion if it’s the need of the hour?

Ans: When passion comes on saving someone’s life, then probably, I would not compromise, as saving a life is far more important than anything else in the world

8. Name 1 of your most favorite hobby?

Ans: Pets ☺️Spending time with them!!

9. You want the next year to be?

Ans: A blessing, comforting, peaceful

10. Rain or sunshine?

Ans: Both are a blessing so I cannot really pick one 🙂

11. Joseph Chilton Pearce says, To live a creative life. We must loose our fear of being wrong. Your thoughts.

Ans: Actually, the world that we live in is a Lie itself. The world today is of Technology, you can see many people raising their voice and cursing on social media regarding any issue or a video that goes viral. There are multiple people on social media, who would tag their fake location while sitting at home, why? Just to show that they are socializing! The basic thing that we all need to observe is, what can fear do? What harm can it bring? Except of it eating us from inside and making us more worried about something that is probably not even going to happen. But in the wildest thought, it will happen! So, we all should be positive even if, we know, that we are taking a wrong step in life, but one should be positive by all means- even if wrong!

The Ones That I Choose To Nominate Are:

1- Qasir Z Khan

2- The Rendezvous Club

3- Community Nap

4- Best Dog Training Tips

5- Drink The Happy Coffee

6- Rachel Mankowitz

7- Laura J Warden

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9- Daily Feline Wisdom

Looking forward to some really cool answers!